Metal-Industry 2022

Modern metallurgical and foundry technologies and environmental protection

29-30.09.2022, Zawiercie

Metallurgy consists of specialized industrial techniques and operations aimed at both recovering and processing the existing metals in metallic ores. Deals with the preparation of physical or chemical treatment, manufacture and alloy of metals according to their application.

BluSezam PPM as a solution for Metallurgy

Enormous temperatures, great forces and weights, counted in tens of tons of raw materials and products, make it necessary to provide an incredible amount of energy for each production step. Every uncontrolled process causes potential resource losses and thus money.

BluSezam PPM (Production Performance Management System) is the foundation and the main source of knowledge for recording losses:

– availability:  downtime, no tasks

– performance: slow running, micro downtime

– quality: waste and scrap

and thus increase the profitability of the current machinery

Benefits of implementation

Increasing efficiency and automating production planning

Minimizing downtime and failures

Improvement of the company’s profitability

Minimization of financial losses

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