Dedicated solutions

Blunovation is a company dedicated to modern design and parameterizable business applications equipped with innovative user interfaces that give our customers a fast and easy way of working with the IT system.

Our activities run parallelly in three areas:

  • development of a modern and parameterizable programming platform that significantly shortens the delivery time of industrial applications – business for the customer with individual requirements
  • developing mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile to support the current paradigms of Everything Goes Mobile and Internet of Things
  • development of an intelligent GUI engine (Graphical User Interface), i.e. a user interface that adapts to the capabilities of the user.

The service of dedicated IT solutions is adressed to:

  • companies looking for a tailor made system
  • organizations operating on the basis of specific, non-standardised business processes and having difficulty selecting a ready-made IT system that meets their expectations
  • companies that want to develop their business based on modern technologies, not used in the marketplace yet
  • organizations facing complex system integrations and also unable to communicate and exchange data

We will be happy to design an individual solution for you that meets your expectations and business requirements.

Mobile solutions

These are apps for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and data collectors.

Blunovation offers modern mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Thanks to our wide experience in designing interfaces, we create intuitive and useful solutions that appeal positively to the user. Our tools are created in collaboration with qualified developers for whom the specificity of mobile systems has no secrets. Blunovation mobile projects are refined in every detail and we appreciate the users satisfaction and recognition.

 Mobile apps designed for mobile phones, smartphones or PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant) is also a convenient solution for your company. Among the tools we offer you will find a wide selection of programs from information applications to business and educational applications all the way to remote control solutions for advanced electronics systems.

Mobile devices and applications prove themselves fully in inventory. What used to be tedious counting and filling out inventory sheets can now be done easily and smoothly with a scan system and a data collector. The data collector is a mobile terminal, a PDA handheld computer with a variety of functions and possibilities. Thanks to its application, the inventory can be carried out online and the mobile device communicates with the database via the wireless Wi-Fi network. In addition, the data collector allows you to track the inventory status in the mobile app and allow for access to real-time data on the quantity and status of scanned products.

The use of mobile solutions offers:

  • faster data flow
  • online access to your data anywhere and anytime
  • increased work efficiency
  • simple and intuitive operation of the tool
  • the ability to install the application on any mobile tool and adapt it to the customer’s needs
  • improvement of  internal communication in the company

Hardware infrastructure

IT infrastructure is completely and efficiently integrated with new tools.

The services we offer include the design of the IT infrastructure, which is adapted to the specific requirements of the IT systems we use. When preparing the company for the implementation of a new work tool, it is important that the program is readable to every user and is fully integrated into the entire IT structure of the company. In this way, technical limitations on the new system that may lead to performance losses are minimized. That’s why, to make the new solution work at full speed, we offer you the preparation of a dedicated hardware infrastructure project.

The hardware infrastructure project comprises the following phases:

  • preliminary audit – analysis of the current state of the infrastructure in terms of resources and technical leve
  • project – development of solutions based on customer needs and expectations
  • implementation – implementation of the proposed instruments, which will be completed with aptitude tests
  • final audit – verification of the correct implementation of all preliminary assumptions and project tasks

First steps we take with an inventory and analysis of the current state of the infrastructure, as well as an analysis of the client’s needs in order to fully adapt the proposed hardware infrastructure to the client’s business realities. On the basis of the analyzes we proceed to the design phase which aims to develop the hardware architecture and the project implementation strategy. At this stage, we recommend specific solutions to our customers – servers, workstations, system software, etc. We strive to ensure that our proposals not only meet current needs, but also enable future modifications and developments of the IT infrastructure in view of potential investments and new business applications. In addition, we also take care of the presentation of the optimal solutions for the customer – both in terms of efficiency, as well as cost.

When implementing the IT infrastructure project, we are responsible for the entire change cycle from introducing the proposed direction and change proposal, to delivering and installing the hardware (servers, arrays, networks, software, etc. ) to testing and a summary of the implementation. In this way, we guarantee you a comprehensive service. The guarantee of the high quality is the Blunovation team of specialists who, thanks to their knowledge and skills, realize the project effectively and mainly for Client satisfaction.

ICT solutions

Blunovation has extensive experience and expertise in telecommunications, cable TV and broadband Internet operators in developing complex technology solutions for them. Blunovation is a partner of many international companies that provide state-of-the-art solutions for the industry. Our team provides technical audits, installation, integration and testing services for its partners” and subsequent support after the products have been implemented from their HelpDesk Center in 24×7 mode.

Blunovation cooperates with the following niche solution providers: 

  • Diametriq (www. diametriq. com) – has a complete range of solutions for diameters 
  • TI SQUARE (www. tisquare. com) – provides solutions and complete infrastructure for unified communication (RCS) environment for LTE, 2G / 3G, mobile network services 
  • Focus telecom ( – integrated sales and customer service
  • Cyren (www. cyren. com) – Provider of security and privacy solutions for web, webmail / e-mail and all mobile devices