Cosmed, Pharm & Supplements 2022

Industry 4.0. Effective prevention, monitoring and reduction of downtime. Limitation of production costs in the Cosmed, Pharm and Supplements industry

09-10.06.2022, Sękocin

The cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry requires the utmost care, precision and quality in every related aspect with the production and sale of cosmetics and medicines, starting from restrictive requirements for raw materials up to the storage conditions of finished products, which are placed on the shelves of pharmacies and drugstores.

BluSezam PPM as a solution for the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry.

The highest quality and production standards in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries require the use of the best quality tools, including systems to meet such quality requirements.

The BluSezam PPM system (Production Performance Management System) collects information from production and accompanying ERP modules such as MES, APS, CMMS. It also allows to analyze performance in three below groups:

– availability: downtime, lack of tasks, awaiting

– efficiency: slow running, micro-downtimes

– quality: impurities, damaged packaging

The combination of the dependency between the quality parameter and other indicators allows for a more in-depth analysis of the reliance between product defects, and better understanding rejected causes and the ability to eliminate them. Such actions increase the overall production efficiency, minimize complaints and, above all, increase profitability and profit.

Benefits of implementation

Increasing efficiency and automating production planning

Minimizing downtime and failures

Improvement of the company’s profitability

Minimization of financial losses

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