Mobile solutions

Applications for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and mobile collectors.

Blunovation company delivers advanced Android, iOS and Windows Phone applications. Thanks to rich experience in designing interfaces, we create intuitive, useful and positively user-engaging solutions. Our tools arise from cooperation with qualified developers, to whom mobile system specificity holds no secrets. That way, Blunovation’s mobile projects are refined in every detail and are appreciated by their users.

Mobile applications designed for smartphones and PDAs (Person Digital Assistant) are convenient solutions also for your company. Amongst tools that we offer, you will find rich variety of software with various implementations – from information, through business and education up to solutions designed to remotely control advanced electronic systems.

Mobile devices and applications are 100% suited to match demands of a stocktaking process. What was, up until now, laborious counting and filling registration forms, can come with ease and run smoothly, thanks to usage of barcode scanner and data collectors. Data collector is a mobile terminal – a PDA with great variety of functions and possibilities. Thanks to its usage, stocktaking can be connected online to the database and be able to communicate via Wi-Fi. What’s more, collector gives user the opportunity to follow stocktaking progress in real-time in the mobile application, as well as to have the access to data on quantity and status of scanned assets.

Using mobile solutions provides:

  • faster data flow;
  • access to data at any time and place, online;
  • greater work efficiency;
  • easy and intuitive tool;
  • possibility to install application on any mobile device and suiting it for client’s needs;
  • improvement of company’s internal communication.

Dedicated solutions

IT systems made to order for our clients.

To match individual needs and business demands of our clients, Blunovation designs and creates dedicated computer systems, which are suited to expectations of every single user.

Dedicated project may consist of:

  • business process analysis;
  • pre-implementation audit;
  • functioning project solution;
  • implementation of computer system, based on proprietary software platform, that effectively manages popular business processes;
  • implementation in client’s both computer and business environment;
  • user training;
  • service support;
  • further development of the system.


Service of dedicated IT solutions is targeted to:

  • companies looking for made to order system;
  • organizations functioning based on specific, custom business processes, while having difficulties with finding IT system matching their needs;
  • companies striving to develop their business basing on new technologies, which were not used on the market yet;
  • organizations, which are facing the problem of complicated integration between systems and do not have the possibility of communication and data exchange.


We will gladly design a custom made software for you company, which is going to be a 100% answer to your expectations and business demands.

Hardware infrastructure

Complete and efficiently integrated with new tools IT infrastructure.

Our company offers hardware infrastructure projects, suited specifically for needs of our computer systems. During the preparation of the company for implementing the new tool, it is really important for the program to be easy to use by any user, as well as fully integrated with a whole company’s IT structure. That way, technical difficulties that would led to slowing down the system, are minimized. For this to happen and system to work on full capacity, we propose dedicated project of a hardware infrastructure.

Hardware infrastructure project consists of:

  • Initial audit – analysis of a current state of existing infrastructure in terms of resources and technical level;
  • Project – designing a proposal of a solution, basing on client’s individual needs and business demands;
  • Implementation – implementation of the project, that is concluded by efficiency tests;
  • Final audit – verifying initial assumptions and project tasks.

Our actions begin with inventory and analysis of the current state of existing infrastructure, as well as client’s needs analysis, to fully match project to his business reality. After we have analysis available, it is possible to continue with the project, in which we design the hardware infrastructure and implementing strategy. At this point we have proposition ready, containing servers, work stations, software etc.. We make efforts for our proposition not only match current needs, but also be a good base for future upgrades and IT infrastructure development in terms of next investments and new business applications. What’s more, we make sure that our client got optimal project when it comes to efficiency or cost.

While carrying out IT infrastructure project, we are responsible for the whole cycle of changes – from proposing a direction and proposition of modification to providing and installing hardware (servers, matrices, networks, software etc.) up until testing and implementation summary. That way we provide complex service. Guarantee of a high quality is a team of Blunovation specialists, whom, thanks to theirs knowledge and skills, are carrying out project in an effective way that fully satisfies our clients.

Telecommunications solutions

Blunovation has a huge experience and expert knowledge in the field of telecommunications, cable television and broadband internet providers for whom we have provided complex turnkey solutions. Blunovation is a partner of many multinational companies providing modern solutions for this industry. Blunovation team provides services of technical audit, installation, integration, testing for its partners’ systems and post-implementation support from HelpDesk service.

Blunovation is partners with following providers of niche services:

  • Diametriq ( – provides full set of solutions for Diameter
  • TI SQUARE ( – offers solutions and full infrastructure for Unified Communication environment (RCS) for LTE, 2G/3G and mobile network services
  • Centile ( – leading, european developer of Unified Communications solution for mobile and stationary networks
  • Comsys ( – provider of added solutions such as: VMS, IVR, MCA, Contact Center and full set of functionality BSS/OSS/VAS for MVNO (MVNO in a Box)
  • Cyren ( – provider of security services and protection of data for Web, WebMail/Email networks and mobile devices