Vehicle tracking


BluSezam Vehicle Tracking can be used to keep track of vehicle’s geolocation in real time. In its solution, Blunovation offers you the option of the full ability to manage your fleet from operating centre, while simultaneously allowing the owner of the vehicle to see the data of vehicle’s position and variety of vehicle’s different parameters.


BluSezam Vehicle Tracking solution consists of:

  • main supervising system, visualizing movement of the vehicle on maps and reporting different parameters of vehicle and it’s course;
  • GPS trackers installed in the vehicle;
  • client-application, intsalled on a driver’s smartphone or tablet to allow a two-way communication between supervising centre and a driver.

Blunovation provides a full ability to adjust reporting parameters.

Pros of using BluSezam Vehicle Tracking solution:

  • significant exploitation cost reduction;
  • information on current state and location of vehicle;
  • improvement of driver’s tasks management;
  • in case of deliveries – shortening of the delivery time;
  • improvement of all logistic processes;
  • reduction of human errors in transport;
  • improvement of driver’s work quality;
  • automation of cooperation with client’s carriers;
  • preventing vehicle thefts.

BluSezam VT lets you:

  • create a history of past routes;
  • create a history of past vehicle parameters;
  • analyze a route in terms of optimization or verification;
  • improve loading and unloading tasks;
  • know when the vehicle:

    • a) drifts from the planned route;
    • b) is attempted to be stolen;
    • c) driver sends SOS message.
  • Automatically generate documents and statistics reports.


Application is accessible from a web browser, what allows you to easily access from any computer or mobile device.