Laundry solutions

BluSezam Laundry is a system for automatic identification of laundry equipment, using latest technical advances – HF/UHF RFID tags.


Blunovation laundry solution consists of:

  • BluSezam Laundry system for identification and registry of laundry assortment;
  • Heat and water-resistant RFID tags, designend for laundry;
  • Antennae / devices for reading RFID (gates, mobile collectors).

Our RFID tags and collecting devices provider is a swiss producer, DATAMARS.


Pros of using Blunovation’s solution are, amongst other:

  • increasing laundry’s efficiency;
  • quality of service improvement through increasing precision and punctuality of deliveries;
  • elimination of human errors;
  • reduction of costs of a missing assortment;
  • identification of an assortment and possibility of a constant control of washing process;
  • acceleration of all logistics processes;
  • automation of client settlement.


BluSezam Laundry system allows you to:

  • create a clients database;
  • create assortment/elements to wash database (with a possibility to assign clients);
  • identificate assortment:
    • a) received;
    • b) during different stages of washing or reparation;
    • c) stored in warehouses;
    • d) collected by the client.
  • automatically generate documents and reports.


Application is available through a web browser, what makes it easily accessible from any computer.