Digitization of asset management

We offer our customers a comprehensiveasset digitization consulting.

Blunovation offers its clients a chance to use a methodological, comprehensive support during a transitioning period of digitizing stocktaking and asset management. By consulting our specialists, you make sure that new tools for asset management will be implemented quickly, easily and without difficulties.

That kind of project is carried in accordance with regulations and instructions of Surveillance Authority. The process of digitization begins with a transfer of the current registry and assets record from books to a database. Next, all documents scans, invoices are being attached, to fully reflect the original registry. As a result, complete and clear digitized version of data is created. Not only is it convenient form of keeping and browsing of information on company’s assets, but also safe and permanent way of collecting and keeping it in one place.

What’s more, intuitive interface of digital tools and possibility of adjustments to suit client’s needs, make using BluSezam easy to comprehend by every user, while making efficient managing company’s assets, with one’s business reality, possible. Moreover, digitization of registry helps with one’s mobility, which facilitates adding a new data and acquiring it by users.


Digitization of asset management comes with many pros:

  • saving time by abandoning traditional, time-consuming methods of asset management;
  • saving money by lowering needs for physical supplies;
  • leveling mistakes in data, caused by using paper form of documentation;
  • full control and unlimited access to data;
  • better data quality for people creating summaries as well as for people using them.


Blunovation’s professional consulting services will ease your transition to new asset and registry management thanks to:

  • adjusting existing procedures in the company to the new tool;
  • optimizing specific actions connected to using the program and asset management;
  • proposing a division of program managing duties for different users;
  • advice regarding improvement of internal communication and effectiveness while working with the tool;
  • helping with preparation of client’s assets to transfer to the new asset management system.